Friday, June 29, 2007

Sally and Michael - the engagement session

On Monday, Michael and I went and hung out with Sally and Michael - who will be getting married tomorrow!!! They live in Japan, so we got to squeeze in the engagement session while they are here for the wedding. Luckily, WHCC rocks and got me my cards that display the website of their pics in time - they rock!

Anyway, we did the session at Georgetown University. It was so beautiful there - what a great location! They are such a cute couple, and I cannot wait for tomorrow!

Okay, so I am having trouble with Blogger - so more images will have to come later on.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's HERE!!!!!! It's HERE!!!!!!!

My fabulous ShootSac came today. They are a line of camera bags designed by the one and only Jessica Claire who is an awesome photographer! Anyway, I have been waiting for these bags to be released and then waiting for it to come, and I was so excited to open the box this morning!

More pics to come, gotta take some of the bag in use! :) Can't wait!

Thanks to Jessica for designing something with style!

The Waurio's and the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad vacation

Ah, our vacation to paradise . . . what a comedy of errors. You know the book Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day? It felt something like that. Everything that could go wrong, seemed to . . . okay, it really wasn't that bad! :)

Here is where we were:

The Park Royal in Cancun, MX was a wonderful resort - beautiful, friendly service . . . we just had a hard time getting there. We were supposed to arrive on Friday at 12:00, but after being bumped off of our flight, and re-routed through Miami, we arrived at 9:30 at night . . . and . . . they lost my luggage. Normally, I am a pretty smart traveler - bringing extras in my carry-on. This time, however, we were flying direct (less of a chance of losing bags), so I didn't pack anything else . . . and then we ended up on two flights, with two different airlines, resulting in 1 lost bag, and 1 stinky and upset customer = me.

Finally, Saturday afternoon, my bag arrived. I was so happy to see it!

Saturday, we got massages - and go figure, now I probably need to see a chiropractor . . . so instead of surfing or scuba diving, we spent most of our time doing this:

And then . . . it happened. We got sick. Just like everyone else, we had been careful of the water - despite what the signs had said around the hotel about the water being consumable . . . and yet, we still fell ill . . . *sigh*.

On Tuesday, we managed to get onto the beach one last time, still sick, but trying to enjoy the last few minutes of vacation.

We also gave in and wanted to eat some American food - incase it was the food that was making us sick . . . so we went across the street to a mall and ate at Chili's. The mall itself was pretty sweet - outdoors, lots of shops, really nice and high-end. Here it is:

And then, Tuesday, we finally got a flight that was on-time and that we had seats on, and left for home . . . a bit wiser and certainly not planning to visit Cancun anytime soon. At least we enjoyed the time together - right!?! :)

Okay, overall - not a horrible trip - just a comedy of errors, and somethings to laugh about. Although, they are probably much more funny to us than to anyone else! Adios, Mexico!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Tori : Senior 2008

Memorial Day weekend was a busy one! I spent Monday afternoon cruising the town with Tori to get some pics in before it rained! She is such a sweet girl, and is very involved in the school. I give this girl props - she was in the cheer uniform in 95 degree heat - phew.

And a few of her pictures:

Hope you enjoy your pics, Tori! :) I enjoyed spending the day with you!