Saturday, January 05, 2008

What a day

Okay, so in the rush of getting ready for Allen and Heather's wedding, I totally forgot to grab my camera . . . so no pictures (and me getting all dressed up and girly with no way to document it . . . ). The ceremony was beautiful. Heather looked amazing in her dress, and they were obviously so happy. It was wonderful. So, we are tired and off to bed. Look for some albums to be posted soon. I am busy, busy working on getting them done from the fall weddings!

Friday, January 04, 2008


Tomorrow I actually get to be a guest at a wedding. It doesn't happen much (well, in comparison to the weddings where I am working), so I will certainly be enjoying relaxing and having a good time. I love shooting weddings, but when you are shooting, you have to be so tuned into the flow of the day that you sometimes miss really feeling the joy of the celebration . . .

The wedding we are going to be attending is that of one of my closest friends from VA. Allen and I taught together, and then both being soccer coaches, became quick friends. Though we don't see him very often (he's moved jobs), I still consider him one of those to call in a bind type people. You know, your ICE list . . . Michael and I are so excited for him and Heather (his soon to be bride). He's just a great guy, and deserves to have the happiness that sharing your life with someone can bring! So yeah, bring on the sappy waterworks tomorrow . . . I am so silly.

All right, well, I plan to take a few pics, just for fun (maybe even with just the point and shoot). Gotta have some memories! :)

Happy weekend to you all!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Happy 2008 everyone! I have to say, I am personally glad that 2007 is over and am looking forward to the new adventures that 2008 will bring. I love that the new year offers so much promise - new opportunities - new moments! I just love this feeling. So, to share some of my love with you all - here's a special New Year's offer! From today until January 31, 2008 - please enjoy 10% off all photography sessions that Toute Ma Vie Photography offers (yes, this includes weddings). Just mention this post to receive the discount (may not be combined with other offers).

Also, just a glimpse into our lives. A few years ago, Michael and I decided to put a new twist on New Year's resolutions. Do you ever get sick of making New Year's resolutions and then breaking them within the first month? Yeah, I am one of those people. Anyway, so we started to change our resolutions a bit. Two years ago, we gave up smoking (granted, neither of us is, or ever has been, a smoker). Last year we gave up Budweiser beer (I don't drink beer and Michael doesn't like Bud). This year . . . are you ready for this? We are giving up . . . ARMED ROBBERY! If you know us, you know we get a huge kick out of this every year! So, never fear, we will not be robbing you, or anyone you know . . . ha. I know, how silly are we?

Okay, so Happy New Year to you all! I cannot wait to share in your moments in 2008!

Look for a new slide show to be posted later on today! (or maybe tomorrow - it's getting late)