Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Break

Phew, so we are finally back from our travels. We left Wednesday around 12 to head to MI to spend the holiday with my family. It is about a ten hour drive for us, which was made a bit longer by the frequent stops that pregnancy requires - hehehe.

While we were there, our schedule was crazy, but it was great to see so many members of our family. We had Thanksgiving dinner with Michael's extended family for the first time (and his parents came down from Ironwood, so we were happy to see them, too). From there, we headed to my grandparents' house, which is the scene of the traditional Creagh family Thanksgiving meal. My family gave me a baby shower, which was wonderful (will post pics as soon as I get a chance to upload them), and we got to see everyone that was still around after dinner.

Friday morning, we had breakfast with Mom, Thanksgiving dinner with Dad and a baby shower that my step-sisters put on for me (again, pics to come).

Saturday, we met Michael's parents for breakfast, had Thanksgiving dinner with Mom (Chinese Thanksgiving - a new tradition, I think) and then went to Dad's to say bye.

We got up at 5:30 this morning to hit the road, hoping to beat the traffic. Well, we did, until the Pennsylvania border, and just as always, the turnpike was just horrendously backed up, so we took a detour. Well, what should have taken us about 4 hours to get through, in the end took us almost 7 . . . needless to say, 12 hours of driving was not our idea of a fun Sunday afternoon. But, we are home, the cat is thrilled to see us, and we are filled with food and lots of good memories of yet another holiday!

Can't wait to see what's in store next!

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


A few weeks ago, I spent the weekend with my dear friend, Emily in Baltimore. It was chilly and rainy, but we managed to keep ourselves busy with shopping and pedicures - some of my favorite girly things to do!

One of the best parts of the trip, was getting to meet her soon to be adopted kittens! A litter of 5 kitties are in a foster home until they are old enough to be taken home, but Jumanji and Katie were visiting with their soon to be mommy for the weekend - and they are just precious!

This one is Katie:

And this one is Jumanji:

I came home with a bunch of little scratches, but it was totally worth it. They are just adorable! :) Too bad kittens have to grow up and become cats! :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Times are a changing

Many of you have grown familiar with the TMV Photo logo. I had a wonderful designer put together the logo and my business marketing materials as I started this company, but as the years have passed, I have found my business to evolve into something more. So, in the spring, after our little girl is born, I will be relaunching Toute Ma Vie Photography, complete with new logo, website and some great new offerings. I am excited about this move, and have found a great designer to put together this new look for me - TracyLynn has been great so far, and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with! Any of you that are starting out, or looking for a new look, she has been so easy to work with - you will just love her!

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Big Announcement

This may come as a big shock to some of you, while I know that some of you already know. But we are expecting a little baby girl in February 2009! I have waited until things kind of slowed down to make this a public announcement, but now is the time to share with you.

We found out we were pregnant on a trip to France, Spain and Italy with some of my wonderful students this past summer. I had been feeling sick and it just seemed strange to me, so Michael went out to a pharmacy in Barcelona and tried to explain to the pharmacist that we needed a pregnancy test. Lo and behold, it was positive. I remember that moment very well . . . we were surprised and excited. I cried.

So we spent the next week together in Italy, the kids flew home with another chaperone, and we started dreaming about our little bundle of joy. As we came home, we went to the docs and confirmed that we were, in fact, preggers, and have been waiting and watching since then.

We have had two ultrasounds, and both have shown her to be a little princess, so we are counting on modern technology to have gotten that right (though, we are not painting the room pink - hehe).

We are due on February 17, which means that I am currently 27 1/2 weeks pregnant - 2/3 of the way through. I have been really lucky thus far, no morning sickness, no throwing up, no horrible weight gain . . . this little one is very active, so I find myself really tired out all the time (since sleep is not as much of an option as it was before - thanks to her kicking).

I promise to keep updates on here as things progress, but felt like it was time to make the formal announcement. Cannot wait for you all to meet her!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Betty & Sam: Engagement

So a few weekends ago, Michael and I drove over to Frederickburg, VA to spend some quality time with Betty & Sam at Belvedere Plantation. I met Betty and Sam through past clients, Gail and Mike, who were married last fall (basically a year ago - well, 11/10). Anyway, this couple is just a sweet and fun couple. Betty has spent many fall days at the Belvedere Plantation, so this was a perfect place to get some engagement pictures. We had a blast (even though I was kind of under the weather). They were so willing to be goofy and fun, and we got some great shots. So, here are a few from the day! I just couldn't narrow it down, so there are definitely more than normal . . . can't wait til their wedding in April!


Thanks for the great time, guys! We had fun!

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Blogging Resolution: With prizes for you!

Woah, I have been bad at blogging. It's insane how busy things have gotten around here. So, here's my goal, to blog at least 2 times per week until the end of the year (Dec 31). Starting each week on Monday at 12:01 a.m. (EST) through Sunday night at 11:59 p.m. (EST), I will put at least two posts up. So, here's the catch, if you actually catch me not blogging twice in a week, you are going to win a prize. We will start with a Starbucks giftcard. So, the first person to leave a comment after the 12:01 deadline on the following Monday (if I do not post twice) will get the prize! You will have from 12:01 Monday morning until 11:59 p.m. that same day to catch me! :)

Sounds like fun, right? Hehehe. Really, it is just to encourage me to get on here and blog for you all. I have a few things to get up here and some big announcements to make. So, check in often and see what's going on. Don't forget to leave some comments and let me know you were here.